Alphorn. Wind chimes. Grand piano. Tuba. Chicken bagpipes. A violin made of fire. Nail clippers?

These are just some of the instruments played by the 40+ strong Pilgrim Air Orchestra, as celebrated in Matt Hulse's eccentric Super 8mm film document of A Pilgrimage, which shakily follows the ups and downs of a 37 tonne cinema on wheels… and its bearers.

The soundtrack blends recordings from the road trip with sounds created live-to-picture by the Pilgrim Air Orchestra, plus an original score by Matt Hulse and Behm Aidan Gerrod MacRae.

Grab a copy of the film on DVD while they're hot – £12* a pop! Runtime 18 mins, roughly. Sales support Dummy Jim.

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Commissioned by:

4Way Pictures

Photo courtesy of Robin Mitchell

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