Fort Augustus
Bag of Rice

Mohamed Ali Talebi, Iran, 1996, 80 mins, Cert U

Screening at: Kinlochleven, Sun 2nd August 10am   |   Fort Augustus, Tue 4th August 10am   |   Nairn, Fri 7th August 11am

We loved the Iranian film The Boot that we showed at the Ballerina Ballroom last year, so we’re delighted to show this movie by the same director, Mohamed Ali Talebi.

Where many road movies are about men in cars, in this one a wee girl and an old lady who lives near her travel across Tehran to buy a bag of rice. Simple as that. And yet their adventure will have your heart in your mouth and tears in your eyes. The girl is adorable. The old lady’s determination to get her bag of rice home on foot, or on a bus, is utterly compelling. Talebi’s masterpiece shows us human kindness, the connectivity between city people, the nature of urbanism, the pleasures and perils of journeying.

Films like Bag of Rice are exactly why we are doing this wee pilgrimage across Scotland. Even small children will like it. As it is subtitled, adults can whisper the subtitles to wee ones who can’t yet read.

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