Fort Augustus
Cold Fever

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, Iceland, 1995, 83 mins, Cert 15

Screening at: Strontian, Sun 2nd August 9pm   |   Nairn, Fri 7th August 7:30pm

Still from the movieTalk about a brilliant road movie! A Japanese man, Hirata, is reminded by his grandfather (played by legendary Japanese director Seijun Suzuki), that he should go to Iceland to honour the site where his parents died in an accident seven years previously. He gets on a plane not knowing the wonders that lie ahead.

The Japanese beginning of the film is shot in claustrophobic imagery but suddenly, in Iceland, the shots burst into glorious widescreen. The frozen North is a magical place where Citroen cars rise out of cracking ice. The pace of Hirata’s life slows down. He sees aching beauty, meets fascinating people and encounters something like the human spirit. Fridrik Thor Fridriksson’s haunting film is suitable for people aged 15 – 115 (or over).

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