Fort Augustus

Peter Watkins, Scotland, 1964, 69 mins, Cert 12

Screening at: Culloden, Wed 5th August 1pm
This is a free but ticketed screening. Reserve your place through TheBooth just like other bookings.

Still from the movieThe 1746 Jacobite uprising has haunted ScotsÂ’ imaginations for centuries. Imagine if there had been a TV news crew there, filming the whole thing live, in all its pathos and carnage. That was the brilliant idea of award winning director Peter Watkins. He uses a journalistÂ’s voice over, and newsreel imagery, to show the battle as it happens. We meet the soldiers and hear about their lives. This was groundbreaking, the first great docu-drama. Seldom has history on film seemed so close.

The battle itself took just over an hour, as does the film. Imagine how moving it would be if we could get permission to show the film at Culloden itself. Imagine if we started the screening at 1pm, when the combat began. We are honoured to say that the custodians of the site have given us permission to do this. We think the screening might be unforgettable. Please join us. We will wear tartan or black. Please feel free to do the same.

The film is violent, so is not suitable for movie lovers under 12. Sorry.

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