Fort Augustus
Sullivan's Travels

Preston Sturges, USA, 1941, 91mins, Cert PG

Screening at: Kinlochleven, Sat 1st August 7:30pm   |   Nairn, Thur 6th August 9pm

Still from the movieHow could you not love a film that starts with this dedication:

“To the memory of those who made us laugh: the motley mountebanks, the clowns, the buffoons, in all times and nations, whose efforts have lightened our burden a little, this picture is affectionately dedicated…in this cockeyed caravan.”

Our pilgrimage is a cockeyed caravan so we had to have this movie as our signature film! Like Ninotchka, it’s about entertainment and why we need it. Joel McCrea is a movie director who’s tired of making entertaining fluff, so decides to make a socially worthy film called O Brother, Where Art Thou? (spot the Coen brothers connection). To find out how real people live, he goes on the road. His adventures are picaresque, to say the least, but as in all good road movies, he discovers something quite different to what he expected.

Motley mountebanks (whatever they are), clowns, buffoons of all times and all nations, please join us on a pilgrimage, with Sullivan’s Travels.

Wee yins might find some of this movie a bit tough, but 8 year olds and over should revel… a favourite film of our 11 year old co-curators.

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